Synthesis of EGF

Thiolation of EGF and Conjugation to Liposome

Run 1

August 19 Present: Chanpreet, Edward, Kelvin, Tyra

Task: To thiolate EGF, and dialyze the buffers to stop further thiolation

Thawing of reagents



Note: had to decrease the diameter of the styrofoam floatie so it would fit in the beaker

Dialysis Part 2

August 20, 2016
Present: Ina, Valerie, Chanpreet, Edward

Goal: Collect dialysis samples for assays and conjugate thiolated EGF to liposomes

Post Dialysis
Noted that the sample absorbed some of the buffer through dialysis

Conjugation of EGF to liposome


August 21, 2016
Present: Edward, Valerie

Goal: Take sample of EGF-conjugated liposomes, add B-Mercaptoethanol to the liposomes, and dialyse to remove B-Mercaptoethanol

Sampling EGF conjugated liposomes

Adding B-Mercaptoethanol

Dialysis of B-Mercaptoethanol

Part 1

Part 2

Since we used the dialysis tubes, any unbound EGF will still be in the final sample

August 22, 2016

Task: Transferred dialysate from dialysis tube into microcentrifuge tubes


Run 2

Why are we doing this?

August 23, 2016

Task: Thiolation of EGF and Dialysis

Thawing of reagent



Dialysis Part 2

Post Dialysis

Conjugation of EGF to liposomes

August 25, 2016

Removal of EGF from liposomes

Dialysis Part 2

Aug 26, 2016

Finishing up Dialysis

Run 3

Task: thiolation of EGF and dialysis


For dialysis, total buffer (PBS) used is 350 mL

Dialysis Part Two

After two hours, buffer changed with another 350 mL and left overnight

Conjugation of EGF to Liposomes

Task: dialysis of unbound EGF to liposomes

Reconstitution of EGF

Protein Assays