Cell Culture

Mini Experiment 2:

Cellomics Trial Run

Purpose: To get comfortable with Cellomics and have results to analyze.

Take media out for three of them with 1ml pipette, then add pbs with 200 pipette to the three, then take media out the next three, then add pbs same way, (while taking media out hold plate sideways and when adding things go against the wall and shake the pipette tip left and right so the pressure is distributed, then take out pbs and add pfa with dye, add 400 pfa (200 to each well in the row, then another set of 200s), when adding always add at the same spot, time for 15 minutes, when you add the pfa, you’re not supposed to move the plate anymore.

This was done and cells were fixed and kept at 4°C.
On Aug 23rd, we took the fixed cells for Cellomics.

Mini Experiment 1

Mini Experiment 3