DLS Sizing

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August 9, 2016
Present: Amir, Ina, Mina

Task: Size and detect charge of the DSPC:Cholesterol:DSPE-PEG2000-MALEIMIDE liposomes received from Avanti Polar Lipids using a Malvern DLS

Materials: DSPC:Cholesterol:DSPE-PEG2000-MALEIMIDE liposomes, Malvern DLS

Liposome Aliquots

DLS sample preparation

DLS readings

August 10, 2016
Present: Amir, Mina

Second run

In this run, another vial of liposomes was used, it is marked sizing, the reason why a different one is used is because first run’s sample was taken out of the last vial.

For this run, a 1:500 dilution was used.
Alynylam was used for measurements.
Two peaks were seen in intensity measurements, one at ~150, another at 5 microns, lower deviation was seen, average for measurement 1 was 130, for 2 and 3 were 210.

Diluted 2µL of liposomes (mixed by tapping the tube), in 100µL of homemade PBS. Used L-nylam according to expert advice.

Synthesis of DSPE