Synthesis of APOE

APOE-only Liposome/APOE + EGF Liposome Protocol

October 14, 2016

Preparation of APOE

Thiolation of APOE (performed in parallel with Thiolation of EGF, see below)

Thiolation of EGF (performed in parallel with Thiolation of APOE, see above)

October 15, 2016

Note: it was later realized that the 10kDa centrifuge filter has a too large pore size for the 6.2 kDa EGF. Losses of EGF in the filtrate.

Conjugation of APOE with Liposomes for APOE-only Liposomes

Conjugation of APOE and EGF with Liposomes for APOE and EGF Liposomes

Micelle Transfer