1. Conversion from Mass to Moles of ssM13mp18 DNA

ssM13mp18 DNA = 7249 nucleotides (nt) Concentration of M13mp18 from NEB = 250 /mL

From NEB website:​​

Per 1 mL of M13mp18, the moles of ssDNA is calculated to be:

The concentration of ssM13mp18 is:

2. Concentration of IDT Oligionucleotides (Staple Strands)

IDT oligionucleotides were received in 364 well plates with varying masses.

The average number of moles in each well was calculated to be around ~10 nM. All wells were resuspended with L of 1x TE buffer to make up a final concentration of 100 M

The calculation is shown as follows:

3. Concentration of Pre-Stock Solution and Working Stock Solution

To make the pre-stock solution, 10 L of each staple strand for each section of the DNA-origami structure were combined.

The pre-stock solutions for each section were combined at certain ratios to form the whole DNA-origami structure.

A sample calculation for Cholesterol Anchor pre-stock solution for final 60 nm DNA-origami structure:

Number of Cholesterol Anchor Staple Strands = 9 Concentration of Staple Strands = 100M Volume of Staple Strands Added = 10L

Surface Area of the DNA-origami structure:


Cross Sectional Area of Au NP

Diameter of AuNP = 5 nm

Area of AuNP =

Ratio of AuNP to DNA origami structure is calculated to be:

If we want to use 2 L DNA in each batch: 2 L DNA moles of DNA

we want moles of DNA

5. Number of Liposomes in a Given Volume

POPC Molecular Weight = 760.076 g/mole Cholesterol Molecular Weight = 386.65 g/mole

Lipid Concentration = 30 mg/mL Composition = 55% POPC + 45% Cholesterol Surface Area of a POPC Lipid: SA = 0.7 nm Diameter: d = 100 nm Bilayer Thickness: h = 34.6 3.46 nm

Number of Lipids per Liposome

Assuming that 45% cholesterol does not change POPC Surface Area, the total number of lipids (N) per liposome can be calculated as:

Composition of Liposome: 55% POPC + 45 % Cholesterol = 100% (mole ratio)

Liposomes in 1 mL

​Liposome Concentration: 9.05 g/mol Mass Concentration of Liposomes: 30 mg/mL

6. DNA Anchor Solution Volume

Number of Liposomes ​ Actual Liposome Concentration:

We want a ratio of 1:1 (DNA:liposome) in a final volume of L total volume​. If we use 10 M final solution, we need to determine the amount of DNA anchor solution.

​Number of DNA-Origami Structures

10 L Liposomes + 10L DNA

So 10 L of DNA will have: DNA structures.

Number of DNA Anchors

Cholesterol Anchor Concentration: 100.000 nM

DNA-Liposome Anchoring Recipe: