Helical Actuated Ni-patterned DNA-Abiotic Integrated

Nanomachine driven by Magnetic Field

Miniaturization of micro systems performed within a living body has been investigated so far. For example, capsule endoscopes for imaging human organs and DDSs for drug administration to cancer cells were developed. However, all of these agents can not be performed in further small area, such as inner nanospace of cell, because of their large size, nonselectivity, or less control performance. So, we propose DNA-abiotic integrated nanomachine driven by magnetic field. We designed helical shaped Ni-coated DNA origami. It swims in the cell freely due to rotating magnetic control, stimulate organelles with mechanical actions, transport small amount of chemicals, and measure living activity. Organelles, such as mitochondria, nucleus are known as very important organs. They produce ATP, control apoptosis and also control transmission, so they can decide the whole body's activity. Our nanomachines controlling these activities enable us to establish a new approach in medical care, diagnosis, and surgery.