Simulation of the color of each fluorophore

    First, the spectra of the three fluorophores were inputted into the PC application and the RGB values were obtained for the primary colors.

Simulation of the color of each fluorophore (STEP2-1)

Simulation of mix proportion for other colors(STEP2-2)

(The application used for this simulation)


    FThe spectra obtained in the previous step was inputted into the application. The RGB values of those spectra are shown below.

    This figure shows the differences from original primary colors. Although it is expected that these differences can cause the limitation of the possible colors to be made in this system, we proceeded the next as it is.

    FNext, the mix proportions are simulated by adding the spectra on this application.


Team Name: Team Kansai
Institution Name: Kansai University
Geographic Location: Osaka, Japan