Team Description

We are a multidisciplinary team of high performance with the aim of generating positive change and represent our institution and the country in the international competition BIOMOD. The Bio-Designers team, under Dr. Ashutosh Sharma and Eng. Kalaumari Mayoral tutoring, aims to develop a practical, non-invasive and economic aptamer-based electrochemical biosensor (electrochemical aptasensor), in order to quantify glycated albumin, which is involved in the development of diabetic retinopathy.

Team Objectives


  • Mounting an aptamer-based electrochemical biosensor (electrochemical aptasensor) to quantify glycated albumin.

  • Specifics:

  • Mounting an electrochemical analysis system using the aptamer and glycated albumin as a biomarker.

  • Conducting preliminary tests for the electrochemical analysis system.

  • Proper functionalization of the aptamer based electrode and electrochemical characterization of the electrode.

  • Performing controls to verify the specificity of the biosensor.

  • Performing calibration curves with different concentrations of analyte in order to establish the rage of detection of the biosensor.