The blueprint we draw is to make everyone takes our device to understand their own circumstance of health, when they feel under the weather. As the old proverb goes, prevention surpasses the cure. If the patient can be told, infected and be self-aware, the disease is likely to be controlled by individuals. Thereby, our team is named, “Electro-Shield”. We are going to use electrochemistry to detect the virus, and the rapid test we invent is as a shield to block the disease spreading from the patient to protect the general public.

The carboxyl graphene modified Pt electrode has been proven feasible from our experiments, though the aptamer we chose cannot capture the virus. Thus, the detection by electrochemistry still works, but we should change the molecules to conjugate on carboxyl graphene to recognize the target.

The fort of public health will be even solider if everyone holds the shield in same line to block thousands of attacks of bones and arrows from the pathogen. In order to reach our goal, we are going to make our device feasible and affordable to the public. Thus, the electrochemistry reader is going to be just 2 centimeter in width and 3 centimeter in length. The reader is going to be composed by two component, the cassette and the electrode. The power supply will be the smart phones, which the device can be turned on by plugging the cassette into the USB hub of smart phones. Then, the small sheet of electrode can be plugged into the cassette. Due to the high sensitivity of the electrochemistry, merely a slight of sample is required to test. Soon, the outcome will be demonstrated on the monitor of smart phone. Moreover, the results can be opted to send to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) to help the government monitor the disease. Thereby, the fort of public health will be even stronger.