Our Team

Meet the UBC BIOMOD Jamboree Team

Amir Meysami Fard

  • Cell Culture Master

Ileana Co

  • Co-Captain

Nathan Chan

  • Chan-Captain

Tatjana Stone

  • Video Master

Lena Choi

  • Graphical Specialist

Edward Wang

  • EGF Man

Will Xi

  • Modelling

Lily Takeuchi

  • Lab Dweller

Meet the talented people who helped make it happen

Angel Chu

  • Wet lab

Anusika Nijher

  • Video

Sam Lee

  • Video

Chanpreet Mangat

  • Wet lab

Jeff Boschman

  • Karateka

Rika Sugimoto

  • Video

Valerie Chu

  • Wet lab

Derek Chan

  • Website

Tyra Phillips

  • Wet Lab

The graduate and post-doctoral students

Our project would not be possible without the invaluable input of the graduate and post-doctoral students. We sincerely thank the following for their advice and expertise throughout the project!

Dr. Nat Brown

Dr. Miriam Kotzler

Dr. Mina Ordobadi

Dr. Maxence LeVasseur

Dr. Wu Chey Sin

Dr. Nestor Solis

Our faculty sponsors

Thank you very much to our faculty sponsors for providing the UBC BIOMOD 2016 team with the laboratory space, supervision and advice to help the team accomplish our goals for the competition!

Dr. Christian Naus

Dr. Steven Hallam

Dr. Vikram Yadav


We would also like to thank the following individuals for their support in the development of our project: